Projects & Consultancy

CHEC has a proven track record in projects and consultancy and has a large team of trained associates to support local or national projects. CHEC would be happy to hear from any organisation wishing to undertake a project in Primary Care. Reports, references and case studies from completed projects can be provided on request.

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Practice Diagnostics

CHEC offers formative and summative reviews of general practices. In over 100 such reviews it has assessed relative performance and designed practice development plans. It offers assurance to primary care organisations and practices on the practices’ strengths, including compliance with current and future accreditations, and an understanding of where risks lie.

Each review is different. At one extreme, we do intensive single practice reviews lasting several days. At the other end of the spectrum, we have undertaken PCT/CCG wide reviews with all practices being visited for half a day. However the methodology is similar:

1. Define the scope and expectations, and recruit a highly skilled team
2. Information gathering and then on the ground review
3. Report writing including a Practice Development Plan if required

Referral Reviews

Referrals from GPs to hospital are a key area for quality review and a major generator of commissioning costs. CHEC offers a qualitative and quantitative review of anonymised referrals.

CHEC scores referrals for content and appropriateness, comparing individual practices and groups of practices to peer norms. It reports back and will, on request, give feedback to individual practices. These referral reviews include an analysis of alternative service provision through which a primary care organisation can reduce the need for secondary care referral.


CHEC provides wide-ranging consultancy and advice to support the development of General Practice.

Past examples include:

• Planning, chairing and reporting on Practice Away days
• Working with Nottinghamshire County tPCT to introduce GP Appraisals
• Supporting and advising SCIE on the introduction of the Mental Capacity Act nationally within Primary Care
• Working with the National Patient Safety Agency on quality improvement, including significant event auditing and national campaigns such as ‘CleanYourHands’
• Evaluating the IHM Vocational Training Scheme for Practice Managers