Nottingham West PLT 2016/17

The following information is for Nottingham West practices only.

Nottingham West CCG have commissioned 5 PLT events for Clinical Staff, 1 PLT events for Non-Clinical Staff and 2 Practice-Based sessions for 2016/17.

PLT Quality Rating: 90%

In-hours NEMS cover for a PLT Thursday can be arranged by the member practice from 12.30pm to 4.30pm. It is the responsibility of each member practice to ensure appropriate NEMS cover is in place. Please ensure practice answerphones advise patients to contact 111 during those hours.

To ensure best use of public funds the uptake of NEMS In-hours cover is monitored.

On PLT dates (for events and practice-based sessions), practices must advise NEMS in advance of their intention to close. NEMS will then share that information with the CCG. A list of attendees (events) and monitoring forms (practice-based) is provided to the CCG by CHEC for cross-reference with the In-hours booking.

The CCG will fund a maximum of four hours of in-hours NEMS cover on a PLT Thursday for those practices where a minimum of one GP has signed on the day to confirm attendance at the PLT.

Any practice which has closed and no GP has signed to confirm attendance (or for the practice based PLTs the practice does not return a completed monitoring form) will be liable for the cost of the NEMS in-hours cover.


Nottingham West Clinical PLT- CHEC no longer manage PLT

Nottingham West Non Clinical PLT-CHEC no longer manage PLT

PLT Monitoring Form

After the event, presentations and materials will be available to registered delegates to download in due course.

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